The mission of CEO-NET is to offer innovative, interactive management development opportunities for selected CEOs of growth oriented companies.

CEO-NET stays aware of your needs and helps you define and achieve the changes and improvements you want for the company through:
  • The periodic meetings of your CEO working group.
  • The links between you and other CEOs in our network who have tried to do what you are thinking about doing with varying degrees of success. This can save you time and money and help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • The links between you and our sponsors who have proven expertise and knowledge to help you when necessary.

The Group Meetings

You will be in a small CEO working group with 4-5 other CEOs of non-competing companies. This is your "informal" board of directors for the year. Your group will have four, one-day meetings during the year. The purpose of these sessions is to:
  • Help you continue to implement the strategic management process and get more of your people involved; develop and strengthen the management team and help you manage the implementation of the strategy.
  • Give you a confidential forum of peers where you can discuss your "Burning Issues" and get candid feedback.
  • Provide you opportunities to see how other CEOs in the network manage their operations and implement new technologies and equipment by holding your group meetings, whenever possible, at their companies.

Special Interest Meetings and Field Trips

Special interest meetings and field trips are held during the year that are open to all CEOs in the network. For example there was tour of Fairmont Homes manufacturing facility in Napanee and a special meeting on succession planning. Special interest meetings are scheduled as special needs and interests arise for CEOs.

The Linkages© Program

The LINKAGES© Program is the annual meeting for CEOs in our network plus potential network members. It is a day of discussions with 50+ CEOs like yourself, along with seasoned experts in various fields, to give you information on a wide variety of "hot topics" of current interest to CEOs.

International Exchanges

For those interested in exploring opportunities in the international arena, we can put you in contact with counter-parts abroad especially in China. We can also search out and prequalify potentially interested business partners and suppliers. There is an additional fee for in-depth searches.

Additional Opportunities

Since we initiated our program in 1986, we have been steadily building a comprehensive computer database on CEOs who have been involved in our activities. From time to time we become aware of situations where one CEO can provide another with goods or services. While we make no promises that you will get new business from our program, we are always on the "lookout" for our members and make referrals whenever we can (we can also tell you who's interested in golf, woodworking, sailing, fishing, flying, etc., because you can't forget to have fun!)

Annual Membership Benefits

  • Four mandatory all day meetings with your peer group of 4-6 CEOs. CEOs present the state of their business and their "Burning Issues" for input from the others. There is common discussion in the afternoon about a specific topic, such as marketing, and also round table input on ways to gain the commitment of all employees to the goals of the company.
  • Onsite visits, as requested, to meet with the CEOs and the management team to review progress on the strategic plan.
  • On request, opportunities to meet and interact with CEOs of companies of similar size and product in other countries with the goal of developing coventures and gaining knowledge of foreign management techniques that may have application in your individual company.
  • Opportunities to see innovative management styles, equipment, and technology demonstrated by other CEO-NET members and sponsors during visits to their companies.
  • Special programs to bring CEO-NET members together in formats that encourage information sharing as well as opportunities for informal interaction on topics of general concern.
  • CEO-NET ON CALL service to provide a wide range of referral and individual assistance for the particular needs and interests of the CEO and continued communication from CEO-NET about contacts, opportunities, resources, and information we feel will be of benefit to you.