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CEO-Net was invaluable to me as I learned how to efficiently run our business. The networking has always been the cornerstone of the value I derive from CEO Net. Our particular group has been together for almost 20 years. We share burning issues and help each other solve challenges as they arise in our businesses. Bill and Gail have demonstrated a knack for putting the right individuals into select groups. In our group over time we became an unofficial Board of Directors to our respective companies. I recommend any business owner or President who is interested getting different perspectives on running their business to join CEO Net."

Tom Kohlmeier, Chairman of the Board
SEEMAC Incorporated

CEO-NET has been a valuable strategic resource for our company. Through the years we’ve utilized the network’s collective expertise to vet ideas, solve problems and gain new insights. We’ve also found CEO-NET’s small group program very beneficial; coming to think of these successful executive peers as an informal board of directors that keeps us accountable and moving forward. Beyond received benefits, it’s also been fulfilling to share “lessons learned” with others and see them leverage such experiences for their own gain. Overall CEO-NET is a good, hands-on, collaborative group."

Bryan Elliot, President
The Elliott Company of Indianapolis

I’ve participated in CEO-NET for nearly three decades as I evolved from a Young Turk to the Old Guard in my industry. As a independent family business owner, CEO-NET has been a great value in keeping the entrepreneurial juices flowing by interacting with other diverse small business owners. CEO-NET and its members have functioned as my outside advisory board of directors, openly and frankly sharing common business challenges, successes, and hopefully the wisdom we glean from our lives."

Powell Felix, President
Indiana Boxcar Corporation